Pillar Overview

Our Pillars

All programs of The Noble Circle Project focus on one or more aspects of our three Pillars: Nutritional Education, Complementary Energy Techniques, and Peer Support.

The three Pillars were initially recognized by the eight Founding Members as the means through which women living with cancer diagnoses could empower themselves to move in the direction of well-being.

Noble Circle uses committees comprised of the Noble Circle Sisters and Community Advisory Board members as a way both to evaluate and to initiate improvements to existing programs. Consequently, Noble Circle, as a Project, continues to evolve as it embraces cutting-edge ideas, always with the best interest of its members at heart.

Nutritional Education

Because of its impact on our overall well-being, whole foods nutrition is emphasized throughout all of the programming of The Noble Circle Project. read more

Complementary Energy Techniques

Complementary Energy Techniques refer to methods that promote well-being. Beginning with the New Sister Program Retreat women have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a variety of  methods. read more

Peer Support

The Noble Circle Project works to foster a safe environment for sharing and support. Within a small circle of new friends, women entering the program confidentially share stories – helping everyone learn to deal with the emotional and spiritual issues that can accompany a cancer diagnosis. read more