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 Thank you IIAAD 

Thank you so much to Rob Stephens and the Independent Insurance Agents Association
of Dayton for their generous donation to Noble Circle
 to help Miami Valley women “thrive beyond cancer."

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The Noble Circle Project
 a community of women thriving beyond cancer.

About Noble Circle

We are a community of women thriving beyond cancer. Our programs and services are designed to: 

    • Empower women in their journey with cancer, by providing a cancer support group located in Ohio.
    • Provide access to reputable resources to equip them with the information they need to make decisions that
      fit their goals. 
    • Share experiences with women facing similar challenges. 
    • Support each other in embracing a healthier lifestyle
    • Help women develop relationships with other women living with cancer.


Group 37 - Spring 2023

Our Mission
The Noble Circle Project is committed to creating an intimate and caring community of women thriving beyond cancer by providing hope, inspiration, empowerment and well-being by focusing on nutritional education, complementary energy techniques and peer support.

Our Vision

While always being true to our origins, The Noble Circle Project will be recognized as a strong, growth-oriented, sustainable organization that helps lighten the burden of women living with  cancer.


These values guide how we govern, serve, and sustain our organization in fulfillment of our Mission.

The Three Pillars

The programs provided by Noble Circle are built upon three pillars that serve as the foundation for everything we do. These pillars guide us as we strive to offer innovative programs and services that focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and enhanced well-being.

Nutrition Education

Because of its impact on our overall well-being, whole foods nutrition is emphasized throughout all of the programming of The Noble Circle Project. 

Complementary Energy Techniques

Each sister experiences the benefits of a variety of energy practices such as qigong, reiki, guided imagery, yoga, sound therapy, tai-chi, reflexology, and chair massage. 

Peer Support

We provide a safe, caring environment for sharing and support. Within a small circle of new friends, women entering the program can confidentially share their experiences -- helping everyone deal with the emotional and spiritual issues triggered by a cancer diagnosis. 

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The Noble Circle Project was founded by eight Dayton, OH area women who wanted to explore complementary healing methods to support their cancer journey.

These women learned from Anne Burns, who conducted the first Noble Circle retreat in 2002 in California. When they returned to Dayton, they began to build The Noble Circle Project, based upon many of the concepts they learned from Anne's retreat.

“The Noble Circle Project is about being on the cutting-edge of self-healing and changing lives — through both complementary and traditional medicine. Noble Circle creates an environment where women can focus on well-being in  new and fabulous ways.”      - founding member Jan Lively

Over the years, The Noble Circle Project has evolved to embrace more than physical just well-being. Noble Circle strives to instill a greater sense of empowerment, hope, and purpose. 

Since 2004, The Noble Circle Project has continued to provide year-round programs and wellness retreats serving more than 400 women throughout southwest Ohio. Begun as a grassroots organization under the umbrella of the Wellness Connection of Dayton, Ohio, The Noble Circle Project is now an independent, volunteer-driven, non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status.


Noble- Allie Noble underwent the first documented mastectomy procedure in Edinburgh Scotland in 1830. Although she died from infection a few days following her surgery, the founders of The Noble Circle Project chose to emulate her pioneer spirit to thrive beyond her diagnosis and the accepted medical protocol of the day.

CircleEach sister's journey begins within the safe confines of a small group or "circle" of women. and evolves to include participation in increasingly larger circles of women striving to thrive beyond a diagnosis of cancer.

ProjectThe vision of the eight founding members was that The Noble Circle Project would continually evolve as a caring and compassionate community of women thriving beyond their cancer diagnoses, by providing its members with an ever-expanding knowledge base. 

        The evolution of our tagline also tells our story...

         . . .a community of women surviving with cancer (2004)

            . . .a community of women surviving beyond cancer (2007)

               . . .a community of women thriving beyond cancer (2009)

    about us

    Hello and welcome. We are a community of women thriving beyond cancer. We provide inspiration, empowerment and hope by focusing on nutritional education, peer support, and complementary energy techniques. 

    contact us

    The Noble Circle Project

    2555 S. Dixie Drive, Suite 105
    Dayton, OH 45409

    Phone: 937.674.5566


    support Us

    With the support of families, friends, and businesses throughout the greater Dayton area, we can provide our services at no cost to women learning how to thrive beyond cancer. For more information, click here or email

    The Noble Circle Project  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
     2023 The Noble Circle Project

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