Ten-Week Program

Sisters at a table

The in-depth New Sister Program Retreat is followed by 10 weeks of Thursday evening classes held at One Lincoln Park in Kettering, OH. The classes are 5:30-9:00 p.m.

Each week the New Sisters:

  • Practice qigong
  • Share a healthy meal
  • Learn more about the three pillars through presentations on a wide variety of topics, such as understanding carbs and fats, coping with fear, journaling, nutritional supplements, and recipe makeovers.
  • Come together with others in her small group as they are led by a trained facilitator to address issues and questions that women face who are living with a cancer diagnosis.

In addition, each woman tracks her own progress and practices new lifestyle skills.

The month following the end of the Ten-Week Program, participants are recognized as a Sister in Project Sisterhood and introduced to the other members of Project Sisterhood--a program which offers Sisters opportunities for continued learning and ongoing support.