Margaret Correale

Noble Circle Sister since 2005

Margaret Correale

Margaret Correale (Group 4) was diagnosed with Stage 2a Ovarian cancer in the spring of 2005. Shortly after her surgery, an article appeared in the Dayton Daily News about Noble Circle. Margaret’s parents and her partner Becky saw the article and thought that the group sounded like something she would be interested in joining. She contacted Noble Circle Co-founder Jan Lively and registered for the Group 4 Fall Retreat. Since she was going to be out of work for a while, she started doing Qigong with Jan at One Lincoln Park. Her treatment began in late May, so she was still undergoing chemo when she attended the retreat in September, which – at that time - was held near Muncie, Indiana, and cost about $400.00 for the opportunity to participate in the retreat and the 10 week program.

At her retreat, she met one of her first heroes, Missy Newton. Missy was already asking to be involved in helping with the New Sister Program, and Margaret thought, "If Missy can volunteer, so can I!" She attended the Spring Retreat for Group 5 as a volunteer, and by Group 6’s retreat in the fall of 2006, she was running the peer support piece of the New Sister Program, which she facilitated until the fall of 2013. Now, after taking a year off from facilitating groups, she has returned to being involved in one New Sister Retreat and 10 Week Program per year. In addition, she has served as the Board Secretary, Vice Chair, and Chair. Most recently, she has been involved in helping to organize the annual Alumnae Retreat held in Milford, Ohio.

It probably comes as no surprise that Margaret’s favorite Pillar is Peer Support! She entered Noble Circle as a vegetarian who enjoys eating a healthy diet. She also enjoyed learning about Qigong and sharing this type of energy work with Becky, the two of them having attended several workshops presented by Jan on various aspects of Qigong. In the Chinese tradition of healing oneself first, Margaret practiced Qigong on a daily basis for the first year and a half after her diagnosis.

Margaret also came to Noble Circle as a woman in recovery from the disease of alcoholism, so the idea of service was already part of who she had become and how she lived. It was easy for her to apply the service aspect of her recovery program to being involved in Noble Circle because she already knew that it worked for her. Serving her sisters, Margaret recognized that like with AA, inevitably, she receives more than she could ever give. She realized just the other day that yet another one of the promises in AA has come true for her: she no longer has a fear of people. Margaret knows that her involvement with Noble Circle has been the vehicle which helped this promise come to fruition, and that no amount of giving on her part could possibly equal the true measure of what this "gift " means to her.

On a personal level, Margaret tries to maintain an attitude of gratitude and a level of humility on a daily basis. She and her partner married in New York this past fall, an opportunity she never really thought she would have. She feels blessed to wake up sober every day, to take the time to appreciate the wonder of life around her. She has become just wise enough, most of the time, to realize that life is an intricate, meandering path and to be truly happy on this earth, all she has to do is to put one foot in front of the other and accept what she cannot change, change that which she can, and pray for the wisdom to know the difference. Margaret truly means it when she says, "It’s all good…!"