Founding Sister – Teri Hall

Noble Circle Sister since 2004

Teri Hall Spring 2004 Founder

As one of the 8 founding members of the Noble Circle Project, Teri Hall maintains a sincere appreciation for every step in the evolution of Noble Circle as a grass-roots organization. She remembers well the "blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting Noble Circle off the ground, beginning with raising the funds necessary to support the dream of hosting a retreat for women living with cancer diagnoses." The dream of the original 8 was based on the model of a retreat that Jan Lively, Founder and Noble Circle’s first qigong instructor, had attended in CA. Like the other Founders, Teri met Jan as a qigong student, and she vividly remembers discussions after class that ultimately inspired the vision of offering a Noble Circle program to women in the Miami Valley.

Besides attending Jan's qigong class together, Teri and the other founders all share a diagnosis of breast cancer. Teri's personal journey began right before Thanksgiving in 2002, when she found a lump. December led to a quick succession of appointments, ultrasound, mammogram, and needle biopsy, all of which led to a surgical consult on Christmas Eve. Teri rang in the 2003 new year with a mastectomy and reconstruction, followed shortly by chemo. "The most difficult part was that I had a 5 and 7 year old, and I feared I would not live to watch my children grow up."

More than 12 years later, Teri's sons, a junior at Bellbrook and freshmen at UC, are the pride and joy of her life. "They are my reason to learn, to grow, and to experience new things in order to heal my mind, my body, and my soul." And learn, grow, and experience new things, Teri has! Embracing the Mission and Vision of Noble Circle, she even attended a 3 week healing retreat in China in 2006 that was led by qigong masters who continue to support Noble Circle's Pillar of Complementary Energy Techniques.

Because the membership of Noble Circle increases each year, Teri has witnessed the dynamics of Noble Circle's infrastructure change since the first retreat, but one thing remains constant: Teri continues to serve her sisters in a big way. An integral part of the success of each and every AWear Affair, which is Noble Circle's most important fundraiser, Teri still manages to balance the needs of her family and church with the demands of her career as a retirement plan administrator. In addition, she has held a position of leadership on Noble Circle's Board every year, including Chair, even as she was adjusting to being a single mother after a difficult divorce.

A dream that Teri continues to envision is the day when a program like Noble Circle is available around the world to serve any woman diagnosed with cancer. For the present time, however, Teri keeps gratitude in her heart that Noble Circle has evolved into something far more successful and sustainable than anything ever imagined during the early planning sessions around Jan Lively's kitchen table. Her fervent hope is that the members of Noble Circle "continue to serve and to support their sisters with the same passion, love, and respect that the 8 Founders felt for each other when the Noble Circle Project first began."