Who can participate in the program?

A woman is eligible to join The New Sister Program and be recognized as a New Sister if she is 18 years or older and has had any cancer diagnosis at any time in her life. She will begin her time as a New Sister at a weekend retreat, followed by ten weeks of classes on Thursday nights. At the completion of the ten weeks of classes, the woman will be recognized as a Sister in Project Sisterhood.

How much does the program cost?

Our Founders set an intention that women will not be charged to participate in our programming. Throught the gracious support of family, friends, and the community, The New Sister Program and Project Sisterhood are offered to members at no cost.

What is qigong?

The "form" of qigong practiced by the Noble Circle, and the foundation for all of The Noble Circle Project’s energy work, is called Zhineng Qigong. This mind-body practice melds slow graceful movements and mental focus to boost and balance our qi, or vital life energy. Highly effective moves that date back thousands of years have been integrated into "forms." At gatherings of The Noble Circle Project, the Sisterhood often receives continuing instruction in qigong, and individual home practice is encouraged. If you would like more information about qigong, check out the website of Master Liu, a Chinese Qigong Master who has worked with members of The Noble Circle Project on several occasions, www.lifeqicenter.com.