Featured Sister Story

Lynne Dorn,

Noble Circle Sister since 2004

Lynne Dorn

Lynne Dorn found Noble Circle in 2003 through her participation in Jan Lively's qigong class. Jan, one of the original Noble Circle Founders, taught qigong in the building where Dr. Romer, Lynne's oncologist, and Dr. Glasser, Lynne's breast surgeon, were located. When Lynne heard about the concept of Noble Circle from Jan and 7 other Noble Circle Founders, who were also qigong participants, she knew the organization was just what she was seeking.

Lynne's diagnosis was Stage 2-Her2/neu breast cancer. At the time, Lynne knew no one with cancer. And she didn't know how aggressive her cancer could be. She was fortunate the chemo worked, but Lynne is also convinced that the support of her family and friends, plus Noble Circle's concept of its Three Pillars, is the reason that she has remained cancer free.

Lynne says that all three Noble Circle Pillars have helped her grow, but nutritional education has remained her favorite. She loves to eat! And she finds joy in shopping for healthful food. Recently, she added an app called "Fooducate" to her phone. It helps her make the best choices possible when shopping for food. Lynne also enjoys sharing with all of her family, friends, and sisters the information she learns from Noble Circle Sisters Katie Thorp, Shelly Knupp, Donna Kronenberger, and 10-week Presenter Lori Kelch. "The things they teach us," says Lynne, "keeps me thriving!"

Because Lynne is a member of the very first Noble Circle group, she has many fond memories, some of which revolve around the first retreats at the Oakwood Retreat Center in Indiana. For example, she remembers that the food at Oakwood was amazing! Also, because Noble Circle was so "small" in the early years, the sisters developed a really close personal connection with all the members, the retreat personnel, and the practitioners. Lynne also appreciated the opportunity to watch Jan Lively grow over the years into such an amazing qigong teacher! Lynne laments, "I miss Jan so much." Lynne is also grateful than she has witnessed the AWear Affair grow into such a spectacular event, from fewer than 200 guests in attendance to now over 700! Lynne remarked, "I am proud to be involved in the event that is the main source of income for Noble Circle." And she adds, "The modeling makes me ‘feel pretty'!"

Both committed to helping others, Lynne and her husband John devote time to serving on civic groups. John has dedicated himself to the Lions Club of Bellbrook, and Lynne has served as president of the Lioness Club. In regard to Noble Circle, as a "team," Lynne and John Dorn continue to host Noble Circle's "Fall Fling" each year. This "potluck" at their lovely home makes it possible for sisters and their friends and family to socialize in a park-like setting. Lynne serves the sisters in other ways as well. For example, always conscious of her passion for the Nutrition Pillar, Lynne continues to bring healthful snacks to the Alumnae Retreat. Yum!

As Noble Circle's Fundraising Chair, the past several years, she is behind the scenes of the AWear Affair working diligently to secure an average of $20,000+ from sponsors for each event. You will also find her at many of the Fundraising / Outreach events throughout the year, such as the recent "fairy-like" 5K for Kelli, which she continues to promote amongst the sisters because she has such a strong connection to her memories of Kelli James, a sister who in Group 2.

When asked what she would do for Noble Circle if she really had a "magic wand," Lynne said she would like to see the sisterhood become an even closer-knit organization. "Because I'm from Group 1," she explains, "many of our members are no longer with us physically, so there are very few of us to meet on our own socially." She would like to see the "older" and "newer" groups connect more often just to share each others' stories. Lynne would also use that magic wand of hers to create a palace in which all Noble Circle members would Thrive! Given that she loves to eat, "Of course, it would have an awesome kitchen!" One more thing she added to Noble Circle's palace: "An ever-flowing pot of gold to support us!"

Back to "reality," Lynne ended by sharing that she loves boating, nature, Zumba, spending time with her husband and grandkids, shopping for "anything," and last, but definitely not least, her close relationship with the Lord. Thank you, Lynne Dorn, for all you do for Noble Circle!