New Sister Program

The New Sister Program introduces new members to The Noble Circle Project, its approaQuaker Hill Evans House-New Sister Retreat Venuech to well-being, and the idea of "thriving beyond cancer." The New Sister Program begins with a weekend New Sister Retreat followed by a Ten-Week Program of classes. During the time as a New Sister women will,

  • Be introduced to the Noble Circle’s Three Pillars:
  • Begin to bond with other women in her "circle" group (no more than 14 participants)
  • Begin to nurture herself
  • Set an intention to thrive beyond her diagnosis

   Fall 2017 New Sister Retreat: September 8 - 10 and Ten-week Program: Thursdays, September 14 - November 16

   Spring 2018 New Sister Retreat: March 9 - 11 and Ten-week Program: Thursdays, March 15- May 17

New Sister Retreat

The New Sister Program of The Noble Circle Project begins with an expense-free Weekend Retreat at the Quaker Hill Conference Center in Richmond, Indiana. Retreat participants are introduced to the three pillars that guide the Noble Circle's approach to well-being, read more.

Ten-Week Program

The weekend retreat is followed by 10 weeks of Thursday evening classes, 5:30-9:00 p.m. at One Lincoln Park in Kettering, read more.

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